My Accidental Low Carb Journey

I have been interested in nutrition and it’s effect on health since my early teens.                  I pursued a career in Nursing where surprisingly nutrition and health promotion is given a fairly low profile.

I am married to Stuart and we have 3 children, Jacob 14, Lauren 12 and Lexie 7 years old. I have always tried to feed my family a ‘healthy’ diet, sometimes failing miserably!

Recently while trying to get back to my pre-baby weight I discovered that the nutrition advice I have followed since my teens is in fact flawed!                                                                        I followed the Slimming World plan for 6 months and lost 15 lbs, though struggled to keep it off. I was still trying to stick to the plan when a work colleague told how she had lost 12 lbs in a little over 3 weeks following the Blood Sugar Diet.                                              I had heard of this and was interested to see if it would benefit Stuart who has Type 2 Diabetes. I began to follow the principles of this way of eating to encourage Stuart, but without counting calories or measuring portions as I didn’t have a lot of weight left to lose. I was able to enjoy eating eggs, cheese, meat with the fat on,chicken with the skin on, vegetables roasted in olive oil or served with butter., nuts and full fat Greek yoghurts. One Sunday afternoon while my family ate a super light and fluffy Victoria Sponge with fresh cream, I filled up on strawberries with lashings of clotted cream instead! I was shocked to lose 10lbs in 3 weeks without ever feeling deprived, taking me back to my pre-baby weight for the first time in 14 years!

I have read several books around the subjects of Low Carb and healthy High Fat which turns conventional wisdom completely on it’s head, and yet it really works. Nearly 8 years after the birth of my youngest and I am finally back to my pre-baby weight and feeling great. I still find it hard to believe what I can eat and not gain weight and have genuinely not experienced any cravings or felt the need to eat every two hours as I did while following a low fat diet.

I decided to start a blog as I pursue my interest in nutrition and health. I will share with you recipes, tips, stories, some of the science and the myths surrounding the current healthy eating guidelines, and some of the challenges of encouraging my family to ditch the junk in favour of real food.


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